14th April 2019

The meeting this month was a painting day. These days are enjoyable with a chance to see what other members are doing, chat and exchange ideas and there is always plenty of tea and coffee plus cakes and biscuits.

Also this month we were given a masterclass in plant propagation by society member Brian Haycocks. Brian demonstrated how to take cuttings from a parent plant. We learnt how to select the material from the parent also that the roots of fuchsias grow from the base of the stem of the cutting but when propagating chrysanthemums the stem of the cutting must be cut below the leaf node and the bottom leaves removed before putting the cutting into the compost. Brian provided all the equipment and compost we needed. Next month we will see how well our cuttings have rooted.

  • Society member Celia Scottow has an exhibition of her Botanical Art at the Canalside Heritage Centre, Beeston. The exhibition is on now and until the 1st May.
  • Information on our new course is on the web site. ‘Steps through Botanical Art’ replaces the ‘Aspects’ course. The course will run from Spring to Autumn and will begin in 2020 from March until October.
  • Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition – ‘Plantae’ at Mall Galleries from 5th – 9th June 2019
  • RHS Botanical Art and Photography – Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th July 2019