BSBA Course in Botanical Art


Steps Through Botanical Art


In 2020 we will be creating a new eight month course, in place of our one-year course, which will run from spring through to autumn. The new course aims to capture the full span of the flowering season.

Join botanical art tutors from the BSBA to explore the traditional techniques of botanical drawing and painting.
Botanical illustration is all about looking at plants from a scientific and artistic perspective and combining the two disciplines. This course will guide you through a step by step programme of subjects throughout the seasons to develop your skills and confidence in this fascinating subject.

What will I be doing?


  • Observation and accurate line drawing
  • Tonal shading to make your subject appear three-dimensional
  • Watercolour techniques and colour mixing
  • Modern and traditional ways of arranging your subject on the page
  • Learn about other drawing mediums used in botanical art


About The Course

The course is designed for beginners as well as improvers and encourages students to develop their own individual artistic style.
The course will be starting in March 2020, and held at the Centre of England Arts.

There will be one workshop each month on the following dates:
March 8th
April 5th
May 10th
June 14th
July 12th
August 9th
September 13th
October 11th


Message us via the society’s contact page. for further details and to reserve your place.


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