Sally Dixon-Leigh

B.A. (Hons.) Design: Animation
Dip SBA (Society of Botanical Artists)

I have always been allowed time to “stand and stare”, a time to pause and observe. This has given me a particular interest in habitats and the plants that choose to make a particular habitat their home. The individual plant may not be a ‘perfect’ specimen, as it has been shaped by external forces e.g. weather, soil type, bird, animals, insects…

My drawings and paintings of flowers, fruit, vegetables and fungi are an exploration, a journey of discovery to a greater understanding and appreciation. Some of my earliest paintings are of flowers, trying to capture their beauty.

My art work has evolved since Saturday classes at Goldsmiths, a foundation course at the Reigate School of Art and Design followed by a degree course at NEWI accredited by the University of Wales. This has been augmented with short courses and personal practice.

My work focuses on the natural world with it’s colours, form and structure. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and media. For botanical subjects, I work mainly in watercolour or watercolour and ink but would like to explore print making of plants and their habitats.

I am willing to undertake commissions and can be contacted on