Jane Edwards

Having been born in rural Warwickshire I have always had an interest in natural forms – in terms of both flora and the British landscape. In my late teens I went to art school in London enjoying City life for a while but I always looked forward to returning home to country life.

Having a family limits time for painting. I was one of the students in the first Cert.HE group at Birmingham University studying Botanical Illustration part time for two years under the ever patient tutelage of Meriel Pardoe. My friend, the late Katie Brown was also part of that group. It is partly through the kind generosity of her family that this website has been possible. Forming the BSBA was high on the agenda by the time the first group graduated from the course and I have been involved with the Society ever since.

I have most interest in making compositions of tree forms – leaves, twigs and bark and definitely work from a painterly perspective rather than that of a botanist.