The tale of a commission

In September 2020 an email came into our website requesting to be put in contact with Y. Barbara Gemmell, this message was sent on to her. It was a request  from Birmingham University to discuss a commission as a thank you piece for  one of the University’s high level donors.  The commission was to depict native trees which grow in a woodland donated by a couple to the Birmingham Institute of Forestry Research.

Barbara decided to accept the commission and as she said the project would keep her occupied during the winter months. The request was to show Oak, Ash, Sycamore and Hazel which grow in the woodland; Barbara decided to do four drawings showing each tree at different times of the season. The drawings were completed in March 2021 and during the summer they were collected from her by David Evans-Powell who is the Donor Engagement Manager.

The university had the drawings mounted and framed and they were presented to the donors Professor Jo Bradwell and his wife Barbara on the 27th October by the Vice Chancellor of Birminham University in his office.

Barbara has since received a thank you note from Professor Bradwell and a copy of the book he has written which was published in January 2021.’ Norbury Park. An estate tackling climate change’ (looking on Amazon the book is at the moment out of print)

Background – Norbury Park, Stafford. Owner Professor Jo Bradwell has planted 140 ha of new forest across his estate in order to provide a CO2 offset of approx. 1.000 tonnes per year and has made the land and trees available as a research resource. (Royal Forestry Society Woodlands for Climate Change Award 2014 – Highly Commended)

As we come to the end of another difficult year with our activities being disrupted by the Covid pandemic we hope that 2022 will be better and we can resume a normal schedule. Best wishes to all for 2022 and successful painting.