World Museum Liverpool Herbarium Visit 9th March 2017

Account of visit by Jane Edwards.

Those of us that went to Liverpool had the best of days. We laughed at how daft we could be and how entertaining travelling by rail could be – intentionally or otherwise. We are all looking forward to the next outing but please do not let me suggest booking flights….

History РYears ago some of us went to the same museum to an exhibition (Edward Lear bird paintings in 2002). The Society made a small donation to the Museums Atrium appeal to purchase a tile so imagine my delight to see a plan of said (floor) tiles at the museum entrance with our name against number 211. One of the security guards took our photograph standing on our tile.

The Herbarium – We were introduced to the collection by Wendy Atkinson Assistant Curator. Wendy took us on a speedy tour of the several thousand specimens they hold ranging from Mersey seaweeds to samples collected on Cook’s voyage to New Zealand. Various seedpods were there to be handled and hundreds of reference books to be enjoyed. They hold the British Pteridological Society’s collection of fern nature prints and Michael Hayward, the visiting curator showed us part of the collection.

After lunch Wendy brought out several volumes of books one of which contained 321 original Georg Ehret paintings, delicate images as fresh as when they were painted. We were able to scrutinise and enjoy these volumes freely – close to the spirit of the C18th.